HAARH, Erik. Frederiksberg 20.9.1929 — 1.12.1993. Danish Scholar of Tibetan and Comparative Religion. Professor in Aarhus. Son of an engineer, matriculated in 1948. Studies of history of religions at Copenhagen (for a while in Rome), mag.art. 1953. Ph.D. 1969 there. Worked as librarian (1955-66 bibliothekar, 1966-69 førstebibliothekar & afdelnings­leder) in Oriental division of Kongelige Bibliothek. In 1955-63 also an Assistant in Tibetan and in 1963-77 Lecturer (Lektor) in Tibetan at Copenhagen University. In the 1950s field-work in the Himalayas (Limbu). From 1969 at Aarhus University: as Afdelningsleder i Religionshistorie and in 1970-79 also member of Hum. Fakultets­råd (council). At the same time Censor (examiner?) i religionshistorie, religions­sociologi and in 1977-83 in Tibetan at Copenhagen University. From 1983 Professor i Religionshistorie at Aarhus. Retired in 1987, die after long illness.

Publications: diss. The Yar-lun dynasty. Copenhagen 1969.

– “Contributions to the study of maṇḍala and mudrā”, AO 23, 1959, 57-91; “The Identity of Tsu-chih-chien, the Tibetan “King” who died in 804 A.D.”, AO 25, 1961, 212-170; “A Comparative List of the Derge and Lhasa Editions of the Kanjur”, AM 9, 1962, 179-205; further articles.

Limbu–English Glossary. 40 p. Copenhagen 1960.

The Zhang-Zhung Language. A grammar and dictionary of the unexplored lan­guage of the Tibetan Bonpos. 43 p. Acta Jutlandica 40:1 (Hum. ser. 47). Københ. 1968.

– “Lamaismen”, J. P. Asmussen (ed.): Illustr. Religionshistorie. 1968; in German in Handbuch der Religionsgeschichte. 2. Göttingen 1972.

Sources: Kraks Blå Bog 1987, 1993; Wikipedia; www.au.dk/?id=241043 (in Danish).


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