HADLEY, George

HADLEY, George. 174? — London 10.9.1798. British Colonial Officer in India, Author of the first English Hindustani Grammar. He joined the E.I.C.’s Bengal Army as a cadet in 1763, Lieutenant 1764, Captain 1766, retired 1771. In order to understand the sepoys, he compiled a Hindustani grammar and an English–Hindustani glossary in 1765. A manuscript copy came to London and was printed with a great number of errors in 1770. Nevertheless, the book circulated in Bengal, and in 1772 GH published a corrected edition. In retirement returned to England.

Publications: Grammatical Remarks on the practical and vulgar dialect of the Indostan Language, commonly called Moors. L. 1772, rev. ed. L. 1796.

Grammatical Remarks on the Persian Language. Bath 1776.

Sources: G.G. in D.N.B. 23, 435; briefly in Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.


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