HADLEY, George

HADLEY, George. 174? — London 10.9.1798. British Colonial Officer in India, Author of the first Hindūstānī Grammar in English. He joined the E.I.C.’s Bengal Army as a cadet in 1763, Lieutenant 1764, Captain 1766, retired 1771. In order to understand the sepoys, he compiled a Hindūstānī grammar and an English– Hindūstānī glossary in 1765. A manuscript copy came to London and was printed with a great number of errors in 1770. Nevertheless, the book circulated in Bengal, and in 1772 Hadley published a corrected edition. In retirement he returned to England.

Publications: Grammatical Remarks on the practical and vulgar dialect of the Indostan Language, commonly called Moors. L. 1772, rev. 4th ed. L. 1796, 5th ed. rev. by Mirza Mohummud Fitrut as A compendious Grammar of the current corrupt Dialect of the Jargon of Hindoostan (commonly called Moors). 104 p. L. 1801, rev. 7th ed. L. 1909.

Introductory Grammatical Remarks on the Persian Language. 208 p. Bath 1776.

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