HAHN, Emma Adelaide

HAHN, Emma Adelaide. New York 1.4.1893 — New York 8.7.1967. U.S. Classical and IE Scholar. Daughter of Otto Hahn, an Austrian immigrant, and Eleonore Funk. Educated at Hunter College (A.B. 1915) and Columbia University (A.M. 1917, Ph.D. 1929 under Ch. Knapp), where Sturtevant was among her teachers. In 1915-16 Hon. Fellow for Latin, Hunter, in 1917-21 Instructor in French and 1921-63 Instructor in Latin at Yale, in 1936-63 also Chair of Department of Classics. N.B. Wikipedia claims different career: from 1921 at Hunter, Assistant Professor 1925, Associate Prof. 1933, Professor 1936, retired 1963, all at Hunter. In fact, Hallett has both, perhaps she taught at Yale and Hunter at the same time (and was not Dept. Head at Yale). From 1946 the first woman as the President of Linguistic Society of America.

AdH was a scholar who attracted attention both by her learning and her personality. As a woman she never got a post-graduate position, but had to teach undergraduates. She was a scholar of Latin literature and especially linguistic history, extending her interests to comparative IE, where she was much influenced by Sturtevant.

Publications: Diss. manuscript 1929 publ. Coordination of Non-coordinate Elements in Vergil. Geneva NY 13+264 p. 1930; a number of articles on Latin literature and language, mostly in the TAPA and AJPh, also a few on Hittite.

Co-author in the 2nd ed. of Sturtevant’s Hittite Grammar. 20+199 p. New Haven 1951.

Subjunctive and optative. Their origin as futures. 18+157 p. Philol. Monogr. 16. Lancaster, PA 1953.

Nominal-constructions in some Indo-European Languages. 28+250 p. Ibid. 27. 1969.

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