HAHN, Ferdinand

HAHN, Karl Heinrich Philipp Ferdinand. Ketzin bei Berlin 25.2.1846 (1845?) — Himalaya 3.5.1910. Rev. German Missionary in India. Son of a shoemaker, learned cobbler’s work as a child, but also went to elementary school. When 14, he made an unsuccesful attempt to emigrate to America, but then interested in religion and began to study, guided by the local pastor. In 1865 entered Gossner Mission School in Berlin. Missionary of German Evangelical Lutheran Mission in India from 1869, worked first in Ranchi, Chota Nagpur. From 1876 in Chaibassa, then in Lohardaga and Purulia, all in Chota Nagpur, finally Secretary of German Ev. Lutheran Mission in Chota Nagpur and Assam. Married 1871 Dorothea (Doris) Voss, the sister of his missionary friend, 12 children. K. W. Nottrott and Paul Wagner were his sons-in-law.

Publications: Kurukh Grammar. 11+109 p. Calcutta 1900; Kurukh (Orāon)–English Dictionary. 197 p. Calcutta 1903; Kurukh Folk-lore. 3+108 p. Calcutta 1905.

– “A primer of the Asur dukmā, a dialect of the Kolarian language”, JASB 69, 1900, 149-172.

Blicke in die geisteswelt der heidnischen Kols: sammlung von sagen, märchen und liedern der Oraon in Chota Nagpur. 10+116 p. Gütersloh 1906.

Hahn’s Oraon Folklore in the original. A critical text with translation and notes by A. Grignard. 177 p. Patna 1931.

Articles in the E.R.E.; translated parts of the Bible, hymns, etc. in Kurukh.

Sources: A note in E.R.E. Index Vol. 1926; Manmasih Ekka, Gossner Info 2011:2, 16f. with photo (www.gossner-mission.de/media/pdf/Gossner_Info_2_2011_mon.pdf). For a long time, this was all. Now, see M. Girard, Among the Original Dwellers: Remembering Ferdinand Hahn. 2019 (with basic information, but also much imaginary embellishment), unfortunately I could only read the Google version open until p. 82. F.H. was the great-great-grandfather of the author).

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