HAIG, T. Wolseley

HAIG, Thomas Wolseley. Plumstead, Woolwich, Kent 7.8.1865 — London 23.4./28.4./4.5.1938. Sir. British Colonial Officer and Historian of India. Lieutenant-Colonel. Son of Major Robert Wolseley Haig (of old Scottish family, d. 1872) and Maria Brown. Educated at Wellington College and Sandhurst. In 1884 joined Senforth Highlanders, 1887 Indian Army. Served also in Burma and for a while as Inspector General of Police and Jails. In 1901 entered Political Department, in 1907 Assistant Secretary to Government of India, Foreign Department. In 1907-08 Political Agent in Alwar, 1910 Consul in Kerman. In 1914-16 Consul-General in Khurasan, in 1916 moved to Ispahan, in 1919 to Teheran. Retired in 1920. Taught as Professor of Arabic, Persian and Hindustani at Trinity College in Dublin until c. 1925, then Lecturer in Persian at S.O.A.S. in London. Married 1892 Beatrice Ferrar (d. 1927), one son and two daughters. K.C.I.E. 1922.

Publications: Hints on the study of Urdu, for the use of candidates for the lower and higher standard examinations in that language. 40 p. Allahabad 1898.

– “A comparative vocabulary of the Gōṇḍī and Kōlāmī languages”, JASB 66:1, 1897, 185-191.

Historical Landmarks of the Deccan. 231 p. Allahabad 1907.

The history of the Nizam Shahi kings of Ahmadnagar. 223 p. Bombay 1923 (originally in IA 1920-23 a translation of ʻAlī ibn ʻAzīz Allāh Ṭabāṭabāī’s Burhān-i-Maʻāsir).

– “Five Questions in the History of the Tughluq Dynasty of Dihli”, JRAS 1922, 319-372.

Edited: The Cambridge History of India. Vol. 3. Turks and Afghans. 32+752 p. 51 pl. Cambridge 1928; with J. Allan and H. H. Dodwell: The Cambridge Shorter History of India. Cambridge 1934.

A Persian grammar, articles.

Sources: Who Was Who 1929-40; *M. H. Hosain, JASB 3:5, 1939, 157f.; Wikipedia with photo.

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