HAMILTON, Charles. Belfast 1753? — Hampstead 14.3.1792. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Charles H., a merchant (d. 1767), “went to India in the E.I.C.’s military service in 1776; was one of the first members of the A.S.B.; served in the expedition against the Rohillas.” Went England in 1786 to finish his translation and died there, before he could take up the post of Resident in Oudh, to which he had been appointed.

Publications: Historical Relation of the Origin, Progress, and Final Dissolution of the Government of the Rohilla Afgans in the Northern Provinces of Hindostan. 1787.

translated the Hedaya or guide to Muhammedan Law, from Persian. 1-4. 1791.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; G. Goodwin, D.N.B. 24, 140; Wikipedia.


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