HAMILTON, Clarence Herbert

HAMILTON, Clarence Herbert. Des Moines, Iowa 8.1.1886 — 1986. U.S. Buddhist Scholar. Missionary-Professor in China 1914-27. Educated at University of Chicago: A.B. 1910, Ph.D. 1914. In 1920-21 studied at Union Theological Seminar in New York. In 1914-27 Professor of Philosophy and Head of Department in Nanjing. Back in the U.S.A. in 1928-31 Professor of Eastern Philosophy at Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford Seminar Foundation, and in 1931-52 Professor of History and Philosophy of Religion at Graduate School of Theology, Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio). In 1952 emeritus, then visiting lecturer in several colleges. In 1963-64 Visiting Professor at Tunghai University in Taiwan.

Publications: Buddhism in India, Ceylon, China and Japan. 107 p. Chicago 1931.

Wei Shih Er Shih Lun, or the Treatise in Twenty Stanzas on Representation-only. A translation from the Chinese version by Hsüan Tsang of a Buddhist philosophical work by Vasubandhu. 82 p. New Haven 1938(on Vijñaptimātratasiddhi).

ed. Buddhism. A Religion of Infinite Compassion. 28+189 p. N.Y. 1952.

articles, e.g. “K‘uei Chi’s Commentary on Wei-shih-er-shih-lun”, JAOS 53, 1933, 144-151.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942; 5th ed. 5, 1969; Who Was Who in Am. 7.


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