BLAIR, Chauncey J.

BLAIR, Chauncey Justus. Chicago 3.12.1913 — 1999. U.S. Indologist. Probably son of Chauncey Buckley Blair. Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania. In 1959 living in West Hyattsville, Maryland, in 1981 in Bowie, Maryland, and in 1986 in Franconia, N.B. One unclear (undated) net account states that Dr. Chauncey J. Blair died 7.12. perhaps in 2000.

Publications: Diss. publ. as Heat in the Rig Veda and Atharva Veda. 16+190 p. A.O.S. 5. New Haven 1961.

Sources: Member lists of the A.O.S. in JAOS; not in the Dir. Am. Sch. 8th edition; life years in

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