BOELES, Jan Jetso

BOELES, Jan Jetso. Leeuwarden 1909 — 2002. Dutch Businessman, Buddhist and South-East Asian Scholar. From 1935 until his death living in Thailand, except in 1940-45, when also studied South-East Asian archaeology at Leiden under N. J. Krom (also under Kuiper). For a while director of the Siam Society Research Centre. Fieldwork in Thailand. He kept contact with Kern Institute and visited his homeland every year. Honorary member of Siam Society 1960.

Publications: “The migration of the magic syllable Oṁ”, India Antiqua. Festschr. J. Ph. Vogel. Leiden 1947, 40-56; other articles manily on South-East Asia.

The Secret of Borobudur. 23+90 p. ill. Bangkok 1985.

Sources: Dutch Indology homepage with small photo.

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