HARDY, Edmund Georg Nicolaus

HARDY, Edmund Georg Nicolaus. Mainz 9.7.1852 — Würzburg (or Bonn?) 10.10.1904. German Catholic Priest and Indologist. Son of pharmacist Edmund H. (1816–1878) and Ottilie Moufang (1818–1852), school in Mainz. After studies at Mainz catholic Episcopal Seminar in 1871-75 and ordained priest 19.1.1875. In 1875-85 chaplain of Heppelheim an der Bergstrasse, then further studies in Heidelberg and Berlin. In 1885-93 Professor at Freiburg in Breisgau. In 1893 retired in Benedictine monastery of Beuron, but soon accepted a combined chair of Indian languages and literatures and Comparative Religion at Fribourg in Switzerland. It has been hinted at that in both cases (Freiburg and Fribourg) his position had some kind of political background, but no details are told. In 1898 he retired because of ill-health and lived in Würzburg concentrating on research. Moved to Bonn, where he died in the age of 52.

EH was a specialist of history of Indian religions, especially of Pāli Buddhism. At the time of his death he planned to edit the commentary of the Anguttara Nikāya and of the Mahāvansa. Participated in the preliminary work on the PTS dictionary.

Publications: edited with R. Morris & M. Hunt: Aṅguttara-nikāya. 1-6. L. 1885-1910 (PTS Text Series 3-8; parts 3-5 by EH).

edited for the P.T.S.: Petavatthu Commentary. Paramattha-Dīpanī. Vol. 3. L. 1894; Vimānavatthu Commentary. Par.-Dīp. Vol. 4. L. 1901; Nettippakaraṇa with extracts from Dhammapāla’s commentary. L. 1902.

Buddhismus nach älteren Pāli-Werken. 8+168 p. Darstellungen aus dem Gebiete der nichtchristlichen Religionsgeschichte 1. Münster 1890, 3rd ed. 11+208 p. Münster 1926; Die Vedisch-brahmanische Periode der Religion des alten Indiens. 8+249 p. Münster 1893; Indische Religionsgeschichte. Lp. 1898; Aśoka. 1908.

– “Ein Beitrag zur Frage, of Dhammapāla im Nālandasaṅghārāma seine Kommentare geschrieben”, ZDMG 51, 1897, 105-127; “Eine buddhistische Bearbeitung der Kṛṣṇa-Sage”, ZDMG 53, 1899, 25-50.

– “The Story of the merchant Ghosaka”, JRAS 1898, 741-794 (ed. and transl. from the Dhammapada Commentary and Manorathapūraṇī).

Indiens Kultur in der Blütezeit der Buddhismus. König Asoka. 3+72 p. Mainz 1902.

Manorathapūraṇī. Buddhaghosas’s commentary on the Aṅguttara-Nikāya. After the MS. of E. Hardy edited by M. Walleser and H. Kopp. 1-5. L. 1924-57 (PTS text series 64-68).

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