BOISSELIER, Jean. Paris 26.8.1912 — Paris 26.2.1996. French Archaeologist, Art Historian and Buddhist Scholar. Son of the military illustrator Henri Boisselier. In the 1920s studied at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, then worked as painter and drawing teacher. In the beginning of WW II served as officer, 1940-45 war prisoner in Germany. Released, studied at École du Louvre under Ph. Stern, in 1949 joined É.F.E.O. left for Cambodia. From 1950-55 Conservator of Museum of Phnom Penh. Then worked in Thailand, after returning moved from É.F.E.O. to C.N.R.S. From 1963 Professor of Indian and South-East Asian history, art and archaeology at Sorbonne (Paris III, succeeding his teacher P. Dupont), retired 1980. Ph.D. 1970. Conducted excavations in Cambodia (especially at Angkor) and Thailand, once also in Sri Lanka (1971). Hon. dr. 1983 Silpakorn University (Bangkok), where he had often lectured during his frequent visits to Thailand. In last years often ill. Married, both his wife and their son died before him.

Publications: Mainly wrote on art and architecture of India and SEAsia.

La sagesse du Bouddha. 192 p. P. 1993, English transl. 1994.

Sources: C. Caillat, BEFEO 83, 1996, 6-8 with photo; *P.-S. Filliozat, JA 285, 1997, 1-11; M. Giteau, Arts as. 51, 1996, 138f.; Chercheurs d’Asie 140-142; Wikipedia with photo.

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