HARES, Walter Pullin

HARES, Walter Pullin. 12.4.1877 — 21.1.1962. British Missionary in India. Educated at King’s Lynn and Durham University (B.A.). In 1906-11 missionary in charge in Narowal, 1912-13 Principal and Warden of St. John’s Divinity School in Lahore, 1913-16 again in Narowal, 1916-19 in Gojra. Archdeacon. Married with Marion Pullin.

Publications: histories of mission, etc.

An English-Panjabi Dictionary. 484 p. Lyallpur 1929.

A collection of Panjabi proverbs and idiomatic sentences in Roman-Panjabi. Lahore 1940.

Sources: The Indian Year Book and Who’s Who 1941-42; life dates in www.authorandbookinfo.com/cgi-bin/year.pl?type=2&sexwanted=1&year


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