HARE, Edward Miles

HARE, Edward Miles. Leicester 4.3.1893 — Oldham, Hampshire 26.10.1955. British Pāli Scholar in Sri Lanka. Son of Charles Edward Hare and Agnes Pruen. Educated at Stamford School in Lincolnshire, where F. L. Woodward was his teacher and introduced him into Pāli. Served in WW I. In 1918-50 tea merchant in Sri Lanka, where he continued his Pāli studies and became a friend with his former teacher. In his free time he edited and translated Buddhist classics for the P.T.S. In 1950 returned to England to edit the Concordance collected by Woodward and others. Unmarried.

Publications: Transl. with F. L. Woodward: Aṅguttara-nikāya. The book of gradual sayings. 1-5. P.T.S. Transl. Ser. 22, 24-27. L. 1932-36 (vols. 2-3 by E.M.H.).

Transl.: Suttanipāta. Woven Cadences of early Buddhists. 229 p. S.B.B. 15. 1945.

Pali Tipiṭakam concordance. Listed by F. L. Woodward, E. M. Hare a.o., arranged and edited by I. Fišer, A. K. Warder, K. R. Norman, a.o. 1-3:6. L. 1952-84.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism 45; stray notes in Internet.

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