BOUGLÉ, Célestin

BOUGLÉ, Célestin Charles Alfred. Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-du-Nord, now Côtes-d’Armor) 1.6.1870 — Paris 25.1.1940. French Philosopher and Sociologist. Studies at École normale supérieure, agrégé in philosophy 1893. Ph.D. 1899. Taught at lycée in Saint-Brieuc, in the universities of Montpellier (1898-1900), and Toulouse, from 1909 at Sorbonne, 1919 as Professor of Social Economy. From 1927 adjunct director and in 1935-40 Director of École normale supérieure. Friend and collaborator of Durkheim.

Publications: Essais sur le régime des castes. P. 1908, transl. by D. F. Pocock: Essays on the Caste System. 16+228 p. Cambridge 1971.

– The major part of his large output is not dealing with South Asia.

Sources: Wikipedia with photo (more details and references in French version).

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