BRADDOCK, John. Westminster 1794 — Madras 1840. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of John and Sarah Br. Served in Madras army. In the Preface to gunpowder book, signed in Madras 1830, he says to have been 17 years absent from England. Lieutenant. Married 1819 Elizabeth Stephenson, three daughters and two sons.

Publications: “A Guide to the Sculptures, Excavations and other remarkable subjects at Mamallaipur, generally known to Europeans as ‘the Seven Pagodas’ by the late Lieut. J.B., of the Madras Establishment. To which are added some Archaeologica Notes, by the Rev. William Taylor, and a Supplementary account of the remains at Salvan Cuppam, by Walter Elliot Esq. Communicated by the Rev. George William Mason, A.M., Garrison Chaplain Fort St. George”, MJLS 13:1, 1844-45, 1-56, 3 pl. (GWM 1-11, JB 12-38, WT 39-45, WE 46-56).

– A memoir on gunpowder manufacture (12+127 p. Madras & L. 1832) and another on chemistry.


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