HARRISON, Max Hunter

HARRISON, Max Hunter. Victoria, Illinois 24.12.1893 — 1986. U.S. Missionary in India. Son of Jacob H. H. and Ellen Wilmetta Levalley. Studied at Knox College (B.A. 1913), Andower Newton Theological School (B.Th. 1916, M.Th. 1917). Ordained priest 1918. Served American Baptist Mission in India. In 1937-54 Principal of United Theological College in Bangalore, taught there 1931-58 and 1963-65. Ph.D. Columbia Uni­ver­sity. Married with Minnie Katherine Hastings, at least one son.

Publications: diss. later publ. as Hindu Monism and Pluralism, as found in the Upanishads and dependent upon them. 13+324 p. Oxford 1932.

– “The place of Old Testament studies in Indian theological education”, Indian Journal of Theology 5:1, 1956, 1-8; After Ten Years. 1957.

Sources: Wikipedia; parents in ancestry.com.


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