HARRY, Joseph Edward

HARRY, Joseph Edward. Harford Co., MD 1.10.1863 — New York 12.8.1949. U.S. Classical (Greek) Scholar also interested in Modern Languages and Sanskrit. Professor in Cincinnati and Columbia. Son of David and Maria Jane H. Educated at Johns Hopkins (A.B. 1886, Ph.D. 1889), in 1887 further studies in Germany. In 1888-1900 Professor of Greek and German at Georgetown University in Kentucky, in 1900-16 Professor of Greek at University of Cincinnati. In 1916-19 writer in New York and in Government service. In 1919-22 Lecturer at Sorbonne, then travelled and taught at various institutions. In 1926-28 Associate Professor of Classics at St. Stephens College in Columbia, in 1928-39 Hoffman Professor of Greek language and literature. In the course of his career he had also taught Latin, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Modern Greek and, as Bloomfield’s student, Sanskrit. He is mainly known as a specialist of classical Greek tragedy.

Publications: Much on classical (Greek) philology.

Sources: W. W. Briggs Jr. in Briggs (ed.), Biogr. Dict. of N. Am. Class. 1994, 265f

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