HASE, Carl Benedict / Charles-Benoît

HASE, Carl Benedict / Charles-Benoît. Sulza, Thüringen 11.5.1780 — Paris 21.3.1864. German Linguist in France. Professor in Paris. Son of Christian-Gottfried H., a Lutheran minister. After Gymnasium in Weimar studied at the universities of Jena (1798-99, 1801) and Helmstedt (1800), mainly Greek and Arabic. In 1801 moved to Paris, from 1805 worked at MSS. Department of Imperial Library. From 1812 teacher of Napoléon-Louis and of the future Emperor Louis-Napoléon. From 1815 Professor of Modern Greek at E.L.O.V., until his death. Member of A.I.B.L. 1824. From 1830 Professor of German language and literature at École polytechnique, from 1832 conservateur-en-chef of Greek MSS. in Bibliothèque royale. From 1852 the first Professor of comparative grammar at Faculté de lettres (Sorbonne), until his death. A pioneer of Byzantine studies.

Publications: a great number of publications, among other things edited the new edition of Stephanus’ Thesaurus linguae Graecae. 1-8. P. 1831-61.

Sources: *Charle, Les professeurs de la Faculté des lettres. 1. 197?; T. de Morembert, D.B.F. 17, 1989, 698f.; Wikipedia (more details in French and German versions, all with portrait).


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