IHLEFELD, Konrad Adolph Anton

IHLEFELD, Konrad Adolph Anton. Rühn (or Wismar?), Mecklenburg 21.2.1837 — Rostock 18.11.1908. Rev. German Missionary in South India. Son of Eduard I., an official. He was minister in Eldena, near Ludwigslust, but after loosing his wife and child joined Leipziger Missionshaus and left 1873 to India. After brief periods in Trankebar, Mayavaram (Mayiladuthurai) and Tanjavur, in 1875-78 in Madras, then director of Porayar Seminary. In 1885 on furlough to Mecklenburg, accepted 1886 the pastorate of Bützow, when a physician had warned him against returning to India. Last years in Muchow. Remarried 1876 Marie Stolzenburg.

Publications: Published Beschi’s High Tamil Grammar: Clavis humaniorum litterarum sublimioris Tamulici idiomatis. 171 p. Tranquebar 1876.

Sources: www.lmw-mission.de/de/missionar-97.html with photo

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