IRVINE, William

IRVINE, William. Aberdeen 5.7.1840 — Castelnau, Barnes 3.11.1911. British (Scots) Civil Servant and Historian in India. Specialist of the Muhammedan period. Son of William I., an advocate. Lost early his father and moved to London with his mother, educated privately and at King’s College in London. In 1864 joined I.C.S., served in N.W. Provinces (Agra), e.g. in Farrukhabad. From 1879 Magistrate-Collector in Ghazipur. Retired early in 1888. He had started studies of Indian history in 1875 and now could concentrate on them. Died after a long illness. The great history of the decline of the Mughals remained unachieved. Married 1872 Teresa Anne Evans, children.

Publications: Rent Digest. 1868 (on agricultural tenures).

– “Jangnāmah of Farrukh Siyar and Jahāndar Shāh, a Hindī poem by Çrīdhar (Murlīdhar) Brahman, of Prāg”, JASB 69, 1900, 1-60 (ed. & tr.); “The Later Mughals (1707–1803)”, JASB 72, 1903, 33-64; 73, 1904 (1907), 287-361 & 73 Extra.No. 28-61; N.S. 4, 1908, 511-588.

The army of the Indian Moghuls, its organization and administration. 331 p. L. 1903.

translated: N. Manucci: Storia do Mogor or Mogul India, 1653–1708. 1-4. 2038 p. L. 1907-09.

further articles about history of late Mughals in JASB, IA, JRAS, etc.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; J. Kennedy, JRAS 1912, 299-304; Wikipedia.


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