CARTY, Pierre

CARTY, Pierre. Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) 4.8.1876 — India 27.6.1950. S.J. French Missionary in South India. After school in Pau studies at Bordeaux (B.Sc.). Now joined the Madura Mission of Toulouse Jesuit Province and arrived on 6.10.1894 at Trichinopoli (Tirucci), where he had his final education and began himself teaching in 1901 at the St.Joseph’s Jesuit College. From 1907 further studies of theology and economics at Louvain and Brussels, finally also Paris, Oxford and Cambridge. Returned in 1911 and started teaching economics at St.Joseph’s, now affiliated to Madras University. During his long career there he also held important administrative positions.

Publications: “Moralité, sanction, vie future dans le Védanta”, Anthropos 3, 1908, 1030-1046.

– Writings on economics.

Sources: Reverend Father P. Carty Commemoration volume. 1940 (life-sketch on p. 9-14).

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