IVANOV, Vladimir Alekseevič

IVANOV, Vladimir Alekseevič (W. Ivanow). St.Petersburg 3.11.1886 — Tehran 19.6.1970. Russian Iranian (Persian) Scholar. Son of an army surgeon. Studies at St.Petersburg, graduated 1907. In 1910-14 worked in Russian Bank’s filial in Tehran, 1912-13 fieldwork in Khorasan. Back in St.Petersburg, in 1915 in Bukhara studying manuscripts, again 1918, but now decided to emigrate and went to Iran. In 1920-28 working on manuscripts in Calcutta, then in Bombay concentrating on Ismailian studies. In 1957 moved to Tehran for the rest of his life.

Publications: “On the Language of the Gypsies of Quainat (in Eastern Persia)”, JASB N.S. 10, 1914, 439-455, also on gipsien in JASB 18, 1922.

– “A ‘Whitch-case’ in Medieval India”, JASB 19, 1923, 43-50, and other papers.

– “Rustic Poetry in the Dialect of Khorasan”, JASB 21, 1925, 233-313; “Notes on Khorasani Kurdish”, JASB 23, 1927, 167-245; “Persian as spoken in Birjan”, JASB 24, 1928, 235-351.

ed. & tr. Kalāmi Pīr. A treatise on Ismaili Doctrine. 68+146+117 p. Islamic Res. Assoc. Series 4, Bombay 1935; transl. “Ummu’l-kitāb”, Der Islam 23, 1936, 1-132.

Fifty Years in the East: The Memoirs of Wladimir Ivanow. L. 2015.

many further works on Persian, Arabic Islam (Ismailism), manuscript catalogues, etc.

Sources: Wikipedia with three photos (more details in French version)


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