CHRÉTIEN, Charles Douglas

CHRÉTIEN, Charles Douglas. 1904 — Berkeley 3.11.1969. U.S. Linguist. Studies at Hamilton College (A.B. and A.M.), then three years Instructor there. Graduate studies at Harvard, A.M. 1931 and Ph.D. 1932. From 1931 Instructor at Berkeley and, after interruption caused by war (he served in Navy in the Pacific), from 1951 Lecturer in and 1953 Professor of Linguistics there. Married Virginia, one daughter and one son.

Chrétien began with comparative IE linguistics, but later turned to Malayo-Polynesian. He had also studied mathematics and used often statistical methods.

Publications: With A. L. Kroeber: “Quantitative Classification of Indo-European Languages”, Language 13, 1937, 83-103.

– “The Mathematical Models of Glottochronology”, Language 38, 1962, 11-37; much on non-IE languages.

Sources: M.B. Emeneau, W.B. Fretter & J.H. Hildebrand 1970, in online archive of University of California.

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