CIPRIANI, Lidio. Florence 17.3.1892 — Florence 8.10.1962. Italian Anthropologist. Son of Cesare C. Matriculated from Florence 1907. After army service 1915-19 studies of natural sciences at Florence. Ph.D. 1923 in Anthropology. Further studies in Paris and London. From 1926 Docente, then Professor of Anthropology at Florence.

Cipriani was an old-fashioned anthropologist, an exponent of the anthropometric school. A committed fascist (1945-49 in prison). Fieldwork first in Africa (1927 Zulu, 1930-31 Congo, 1932 Libya), then in 1933 and 1934-35 in South India (Toda, Koḍagu, Kuruba) and Ceylon. In the Andamans (1954) he concentrated on Onge.

Publications: Books on biological racism in the 1930s; much on Africa.

– “Ceylon alla ricerca degli ultimi Vedda”, Universo 17, 1936, 3-31; “Case su gli alberi (Viaggio nell’India meridionale)”, Universo 17, 1936, 491-514; “Una visita ai Toda”, Universo 17, 1936, 789-815 (all three with illustrations).

The Andaman Islanders. 12+159 p. L. 1966.

Sources: Wikipedia (more in Italian version).

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