CLAFLIN, Edith Frances

CLAFLIN, Edith Frances. Quincy, MA 6.10.1875 — New York City 5.3.1953. U.S. Linguist and Classical Scholar. Daughter of Frederick Allan Claflin and Narcissa Adelaide Avery. Studies at Radcliffe College (B.A. 1897), then at Bryn Mawr, 1899-1900 in Athens. A.M. and Ph.D. 1904 Bryn Mawr. Taught Greek and Latin in Massachusetts, Illinois and Ohio, 1916-33 head of Greek Department at Rosemary Hall Academy in Connecticut. From 1936 Lecturer in Greek and Latin at Barnard College of Columbia University, retired in 1945. Unmarried.

Publications: Diss. The syntax of the Boeotian dialect inscriptions. 93 p. Baltimore 1905.

– “The hypothesis of the Italo-Celtic impersonal passive in -r-”, Language 5, 1929, 232-250; “The Indo-European Middle Ending -r”, Language 14, 1938, 1-9; “The Voice of the Indo-European Perfect”, Language 15, 1939, 155-159.

– Articles on Greek and Latin.

Sources: *B. Bloch, Language 29, 1953, 219f.; E. Dorfman, Word 9, 1953, 56f.; with poor photo; parents in; Wikipedia.

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