CLARKE, Charles Baron

CLARKE, Charles Baron. Andower, Hampshire 17.6.1832 — Kew, Richmond 25.8.1906.British Civil Servant (Teacher) and Botanist in India. Son of Turner Poulter Clarke, a Justice of peace, and Elizabeth Parker. Educated at King’s College School in London. Studies at Trinity and Queens’ Colleges, Cambridge. In 1860 called to the bar from Lincoln’s Inn. In 1857-65 lectured on mathematics at Presidency College, Calcutta (acc. to Buckland at Queen’s College). Then Inspector of Schools in Eastern Bengal and later of India, in 1869-71 Superintendent of Calcutta Botanical Garden. Retired from Indian service in 1887. He was a noted botanist, who worked at Kew Gardens and in 1894-96 was President of Linnaean Society. Unmarried.

Publications: “The Stone Monuments of the Khasi Hills”, JRAnthrInst 3, 1874, 481-493.

– Much on botany, also wrote on geography and music.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia with photo.

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