JACOBSOHN, Hermann. Lüneburg 30.8.1879 — Marburg a.d. Lahn 27.4.1933. German Linguist (Iranian, IE and Greek Scholar). Professor in Marburg. Son of Moritz J., a banker. Studies at Freiburg Br., Berlin and Göttingen. Ph.D. Munich. From 1908 PD at Munich, from 1911 ao. Professor at Marburg and from 1919 ord. there for IE Linguistics. As a Jew he had to give up his chair and depressed committed suicide jumping before a train. Married Margarethe Flemming, his son Helmuth J. was an Egyptologist.

According to Meillet he was among the best comparativists of the Berlin School. His Arier und Ugrofinnen was a fundamental work, though later superseded by Collinder and Joki. In the WW I he served as interpreter and learned Estonian, Karelian and Russian from war prisoners.

Publications: much on Greek.

Arier und Ugrofinnen. 270 p. Göttingen 1922; articles on Indo-Iranian and Uralic contacts, KZ 1927, 1928.

– “Σκυθικά”, KZ 54, 1927, 254-286 & 55, 1928, 33-35; “Zum Mitteliranischen”, KZ 56, 1929, 127-130; “Zahlsystem und Gliederung der idg. Sprachen”, KZ 54, 1927, 76-99 (cf. Fs. Wackernagel).

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