ANKER, Peter

ANKER, Peter. Fredrikshald 31.7.1744 — Øraker near Kristiania 17.4.1832. Norwegian Colonial Officer in Danish service in India. Son of trader and industrialist Erik A. (1709-85) and Anne Cathrine Tank (1723-61), brother of politician Carsten Tank A. (1747-1824). In 1759-65 travelled with his brother in Europe, then worked for his father. From 1773 consul in Hull, from 1777 general consul in London. Served in India in 1788-1806, as Governor of Tranquebar. Major-general 1788. Retired in 1807 and settled down in 1808 at the estate Øraker near Kristiania in Norway. Unmarried. In 1778 naturalised as Danish nobleman. He made a great number of drawings and aquarelles of Indian life, architecture and nature, the collection is kept in Ethnographic Museum in Oslo.

Publications: En Samling af Mythologiske Antiquer bragte fra Hindustan. Copenhagen 1806.

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