JARRETT, Thomas. 1805 — Trunch, Norfolk 7.3.1882. Rev. British Oriental Scholar. Professor in Cambridge. From 1823 studies at St.Catharine’s College, Cambridge (B.A. 1827, M.A. 1830). Ordained priest 1831. Fellow and Lecturer in Classics and Hebrew 1828-32. In 1831-54 Adam’s Professor of Arabic, from 1854 until his death Regius Professor of Hebrew, at Cambridge. In addition to Semitic, he was also interested in Persian and Sanskrit. He was much interested in Romanization, published transliterated editions of Nala and the Old Testament, and prepared similar for the Rāmāyaṇa, Shāname, and Qur’an.

Publications: Grammatical Indexes to the Hebrew Text of Genesis. 1830; Hebrew-English Lexicon. 1848; edited: P. Virgilii Maronis opera. Cambridge 1866; Hebrew Text of the Old Covenant printed in a modified Roman Alphabet. L. 1882; other works.

Nalopákhyánam, or the Tale of Nala; containing the Sanskrit text in Roman characters, followed by a Vocabulary … and a Sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. 154 p. L. 1875.

Sources: E. J. R[apson], D.N.B. 29, 1892, 253f.; Wikipedia (based on Rapson).

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