JERVIS, Thomas Best

JERVIS, Thomas Best. Ceylon 2.8.1796 — 3.4.1857. British (Irish) Colonial Officer in India. Lieutenant-colonel. Son of John J. of Madras Civil Service and Eliza Ritso. In 1819-30 served in Bombay Engineers, conducted a survey of southern Konkan. Then in London. Developed Indian surveys. Married Anna Sarah Paget (1801–1886), children. Ardent evangelical Christian.

Publications: Metrical System of India. 1832; Records of Ancient Science, Exemplified and Authenticated in the Primitive Universal Standard of Weights and Measures. Calcutta 1836; The Expediency and Facility of Establishing the Metrological and Monetary Systems throughout India, on a Scientific and Permanent Basis. Bombay 1836; other writings.

translater Baron von Hügel, Travels in Kashmir and the Punjab. L. 1845.

Sources: B. Crosbie, Irish Imperial Networks. Cambridge 2012, 116f.; *W.P. Jervis, Thomas Best Jervis: As Christian, soldier, geographer and friend of India, 1796-1857: a centenary tribute. 342 p. 1898; *G. Wilkins, Biographical Sketch of Thomas Best Jervis, Lt Colonel… Being the Substance of a Funeral Sermon… 1857; dates in


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