JEVTIĆ, Pavle. 1??? — 193?/4?. Yugoslavian (Serbian) Indologist. Studies at S.O.A.S. in London, Ph.D. 1927 there. Mainly interested in philosophy. Worked in Beograd, premature death ended early his activity.

Publications: diss. publ. as Karma and reincarnation in Hindu religion and philosophy. 4+112 p. L. 1927, also in Serbian (or Croatian?), Karma i reinkarnacija u hinduskoj religiji i filosofiji.

– translated: Bhagavadgita. Pesma o božanstvu. Odlomak iz Mahabharate. Zemun 1929; Indija. Riznica mudrosti. 93 p. Beograd 1939 (on Indian philosophy, with extracts translated from the Rigveda and the Mahābhārata).

Sources: Vyncke, Annuaire 20, 1973, 535; Google offers many refrences to his books, but nothing else.


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