DIMOCK, Edward C., Jr.

DIMOCK, Edward Cameron, Jr. Roslindale, Boston 18.3.1929 — Centerville, Barnstable, MA 11.1.2001. U.S. Indologist, specialist of Bengali. Professor in Chicago. Educated at Roxbury, studies at Yale (B.A. 1950) and Harvard (S.T.B. 1953), ordained priest 1954. First studied architecture. Further S.T.M. 1954, Ph.D. 1959 Harvard (Ingalls). Taught at University of Chicago: 1959-61 Assistant Professor, 1961-66 Associate Professor, 1967-80 Professor, and from 1980 distinguished Professor of Bengali, emeritus 1993. From 1972 also director of South Asian Language and Area Centre, from 1976 chairman of the committee of South Asian Studies. In 1973-86 also President of American Institute of Indian Studies. Married 1952 Lorraine, three sons and two daughters. In retirement living in Cape Cod. He was a well-known specialist of Bengali literature and religion.

Publications: Diss. A Study of the Vaiṣṇava-Sahajīya Movement of Bengal. Manuscript, Harvard 1959.

– Translated: Thief of Love. Bengali Tales from Court and Village. 11+305 p. Chicago 1963.

– With S. K. De and E. Gerow: Sanskrit Poetics as a Study of Aesthetic. 8+112 p. Berkeley 1963.

– With S. Bhattacharji & S. Chatterjee: Introduction to Bengali. 15+383 p. Chicago 1964.

– Transl. with P. C. Gupta: The Maharashtra Purāṇa: An Eighteenth-century Bengali Historical Text. Honolulu 1965.

The place of the hidden moon. Erotic mysticism in the Vaisnava Sahajia cult of Bengal. 318 p. Chicago 1966.

– With E. Gerow et al.: The literatures of India: an introduction. 265 p. Chicago 1974.

– Translated with D. Levertov: In praise of Krishna. Songs from the Bengali. With an intr. and notes by E. C. D. 117 p. Repr. Chicago 1981.

– “Līlā”, Hist. of Rel. 29, 1989-90, 159-173; other articles.

The sound of silent guns and other essays. 200 p. Delhi 1989 (on Bengali literature).

– With J. W. Elder and A. T. Embree: India’s Worlds and U.S. Scholars, 1947-1997. 608 p. Delhi 1998.

Mr. Dimock explores the mysteries of the East. 12+211 p. Chapel Hill, NC 1999.

Caitanya Caritāmṛta of Kṛṣṇadāsa Kavirāja. A Translation and Commentary by Edward C. Dimock, Jr. with an Introduction by E.C.D. and Tony K. Stewart. Edited by Tony K. Stewart. 1206 p. H.O.S. 56. Cambridge MA 2000.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 8th ed. 3, 1982; *M. Case & N. G. Barrier (edd.), Aspects of India: Essays in Honor of Edward Cameron Dimock, Jr. 1986; Wikipedia.

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