JULIEN, Aignan-Stanislas

JULIEN, Aignan-Stanislas (born Noël J.). Orléans 14.4.1797/21.9.1799 — Paris 13/14.2. 1873. French Sinologist interested in Buddhism and Sanskrit. Profesor in Paris. Born in moderst family and lost early his father, had difficulties with his studies. Originally studied Greek, then various Oriental languages (including Arabic and Sanskrit) concentrating on Chinese. From 1821 teacher of Greek. Professor of Chinese at Collège de France (—> Abel-Remusat’s student and successor) in Paris from 1832 until his death (succeeded by Hervey de Saint-Denys). In 1862-71 also Professor of Vulgar Chinese at É.L.O.V. (Bazin’s successor, himself succeeded by Kleczkowski). One of the first Sinologists to study extensively Chinese Buddhism and ancient Sino-Indian contacts. He found and translated Xuanzang’s travels, deciphered the Chinese system of transliterating Sanskrit, etc. Among his students were Léon de Rosny and A. Bazin. He was learned, but also a difficult character and very hard critic.

Publications: much on Chinese language, literature and civilization, also early works on Greek.

Taoteching du Laotseu, ed. & trad. Paris 1842

articles on Chinese Buddhist literature and on Sanskrit in China, e.g. “Concordance sinico-sanscrite d’un nombre considérable de titres d’ouvrages bouddhiques”, JA 1849, 353-446.

translated the travels of Hsüan Tsang.

Sources: A. Pino, D.O.L.F. 529f.; *N. Wallon, MAIBL 31:1, 1884, 409-458; Wikipedia with two photos.


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