JUNGE, Peter Julius

JUNGE, Peter Julius. Bonn 30.8.1913 — 1943. German Classical and Iranian Scholar. Educated in Breslau and studies at Vienna and Breslau, joined NSDAP when still at school. Ph.D. 1936 Breslau (under Kornemann). Still in 1936 (or 1938?) visited Iran. In 1937-40 in Berlin working on Hellenic Turfan material in Staatl. Museum. From 1940 PD at Innsbruck, soon apl. Professor, partly because of his merits as a Nazi. Soon had to join the army, missing since Stalingrad. He os accused of letting his Nazism to influence his studies, although defended by Shahbazi. True is that he was very careful with his sources and avoided the still common over-amphasis of Hellenism.

Publications: diss. 32 p. of Saka-Studien. Der ferne Nordosten im Weltbild der Antike. 115 p. Klio, Beiheft 41 (N.F. 28). Lp. 1939.

habil.diss. Die Völker der altpersischen Weltreiches. Breslau MS. 1940, first part publ. as “Satrapie und natio”, Klio 34, 1942, 1-55.

– “Hazarapatiš. Zur Stellung des Chiliarchen der kgl. Leibgarde im Achämeniden­staat,” Klio 33, 1940, 1-38; “Ākaufačiya. Ein Beitrag zur Länderkunde des alten Iran,” ZDMG 98, 1944, 369-76.

Dareios I., König der Perser. 208 p. Lp. 1944.

five articles in RE, e.g. “Parthia”, RE XVIII:2 (36:3), 1949, col. 1968-1986.

Sources: A. Shapur Shahbazi, Encyclop. Iranica 15:3, 2009, 247f.; German Wikipedia.


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