HEROLD, Erich. Prague 3.1.1928 — Prague 7.12.1988. Czechoslovakian Ethnologist and Indologist. Museum Director in Prague. Studies of Indology at Prague (under Friš and Lesný), Ph.D. there in 1952/53. He became director of Náprstek Museum, worked there in 1959-70 and now turned to folk art. Apparently married with Věra Šťovíčková-Heroldová.

Publications: Diss. Matriarchální formy rodiny v Rgvédu. Prague 1952/53.

– “Group-marriage in Vedic Society”, ArO 23, 1955, 63-76; “A contribution to the interpretation of AV I, 14, 4”, ArO 24, 1956, 117-119; “The interpretation of the Vedic kakutsala”, Charisteria Or. J. Rypka 1956, 100-102 (‘sperm’); “Social Significance of a Vedic Allegory (RV 3, 31, 1.2)”, ArO 26, 1958, 81-87.

Edited Friš’s Ṛtusaṁhara transl.: Šest ročníh dob. 49 p. Praha 1956.

With others: Indie zblízka. 310 p. Praha 1960, German transl. Indien aus der Nähe. 355 p. Lp. 1961.

Books on African art and on masks.

Sources: Briefly www.fknizek.nazory.cz/kalendar/vyroci12.htm (in Czech); stray notes in Internet.

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