HILL, Samuel Charles

HILL, Samuel Charles. Berhampore, West Bengal 16.7.1857 — 6.5.1926. British Historian of India. Son of Rev. Samuel John Hill, L.M.S. missionary in India (also his father had been missionary in India). Educated at Blackheath School (for the sons of missionaries), at University College School and University College, London (B.A. and B.Sc.). From 1881 in Bengal Educational Service, started as Professor at Dacca College, from 1899 in charge of Imperial Record department and Imperial Library in Calcutta. until retirement in 1912. Now settled in London.

Publications: The life of Claud Martin, major-general in the army of the honourable East India Company. 8+156 p. Calcutta 1901; Three Frenchmen in Bengal: or, The Commercial Ruin of the French Settlements in 1757. 10+182 p. L. 1903.

– Edited: Bengal in 1756-1757; a selection of public and private papers dealing with the affairs of the British in Bengal during the reign of Siraj-uddaula. 1-3. Indian Records Series. L. 1905.

Yusuf Khan – The Rebel Commandant. 320 p. L. 1914.

Catalogue of the Home Miscellaneous Series of the India Office records / by Samuel Charles Hill. 7+682 p. L. 1927.

Episodes of piracy in the eastern seas, 1519 to 1851. 95 p. Bombay 1920 (first appeared in IA 1919-20); Notes on piracy in eastern waters. 248 p. Bombay 1928 (first appeared in IA 1923-28).

Sources: *W.F[oster], JRAS 1926, 583f.; not in D.N.B., Who Was Who.

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