ARANY, János

ARANY, János. Nagyszalonta 2.3.1817 — Budapest 22.10.1882. Hungarian Poet. After a chequered early life he was teacher at a gymnasium in Nagykőrös from 1850, from 1860 in Budapest. 1865 secretary of the Hungarian Academy, retired in 1877. For the first time translated into Hungarian excerpts of the Ṥakuntalā.

Publications: Transl. excerpts of the Ṥakuntalā into Hungarian, publ. in B.G. Németh (ed.), Arany János Összes müvei XI. köt. Prózai müvek. 1. (1860–62). Budapest 1968, 258-272.

Wrote on gipsies.; several collections of poems

Sources: Bethlenfalvy 1980, 17 & 22; Wojtilla 1977, 177; Geist. Ungern 1, 2f.; Wikipedia (with picture, more in *Hungarian version).

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