HILMARSSON, Jörundur Garðar. Reykjavík 15.3.1946 — Reykjavík 13.8. 1992. Icelandic IE Linguist and Tocharian Scholar. Studies of Linguistics from 1966, M.A. 1977. Ph.D. 1986 Leiden (under Fr. Kortlandt). In 1973 and 1979-81 studies at Sorbonne. Alexander von Humboldt scholarship holder in Germany 1979-81 (in Kiel) and 1988. Taught at the Department of General Linguistics, University of Iceland, Reykjavík.

Publications: Diss. Studies in Tocharian Phonology, Morphology and Etymology with special Emphasis on the O-Vocalism. Leiden 1986.

Articles on IE, Baltic and Tocharian, published his own periodical, Tocharian and IE Studies, in Reykjavík (1, 1987 – ) with many own contributions, including the supplement series: The Dual Forms of Nouns and Pronouns in Tocharian. 166 p. TIES Suppl. 1. Reykjavik 1989; The Nasal Prefixes in Tocharian. A Study in Word Formation. 209 p. TIES Suppl. 3. R. 1991; Materials for a Tocharian Historical and Etymological Dictionary. Edited by A. Lubotsky and Guđrun Thórhallsdóttir. 8+246 p. TIES Suppl. 5. R. 1996,

– “Toch. A kāc, Lat. cutis, OIcel húđ < I.-E. *kulttis “skin””, KZ 98, 1985, 112f.

– “Development of labiovelars (and tectal plus ) in initial position in Tocharian (an overview)”, Die Sprache 35, 1991-93 (1993-94), 176-186.

Sources: *Guðrún Þórhallsdóttir, TIES 6, 1993, 7f.; *G.J. Pinault, Kratylos 39, 1994, 217-220; *A. Sabaliauskas, Baltistica 28, 1994, 120f.; Wikipedia; *Biography and photo in Icelandic in http://málfræði.is/sida.php?id=79.

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