HODSON, Thomas

HODSON, Thomas. North Scarle, Lincolnshire 9.2.1804 — 9.9.1882 (or 9.9.1878). British Wesleyan Missionary in India and a noted Kannaḍa Scholar. Worked nearly a decade as preacher and teacher in Lincoln. Came to India in 1829 and worked in Calcutta to 1833. In 1833-36 in Bangalore, then in Mysore (1836-37 and 1838-43) and Gubbi (1837-38). Mainly worked as teacher. In 1843 returned to England because of healt reasons, but in 1853 back to India. Now Chairman and Superintendent of the Wesleyan Canarese Mission in the Mysore District, retired 1877 and died in England. Married 1830 Mary Ann Hodson (d. 1866), one son, and Sophia Simpson, one daughter. Beside Kannaḍa, he knew also Tamil and Bengali well. He draw a number of sketches in Bangalore and Mysore (some attached to Wikipedia).

Publications: An elementary grammar of the Kannada, or Canarese language. 8+107 p. Bangalore 1859.

Old Daniel, or, Memoir of a converted Hindoo: with observations on mission work in the Goobbe circuit and description of village life in India. 8+88 p. L. 1877.

Sources: Wikipedia (Died 1882); https://archiveshub.jisc.ac.uk/search/archives/37673518-a23d-321a-aef7-ccacdcc9d875?component=0894b622-1789-323c-ad54-d78c06992349 (died 1878).

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