HODSON, Thomas Callan

HODSON, Thomas Callan. 12.12.1871 — 25.1.1953. British Anthropologist. Professor in Cambridge. Son of Arthur H., of Royal Navy, educated at Christ’s Hospital. In 1894 joined I.C.S., served in Bengal, Assam and Manipur, retired in 1901. In 1903-14 Registrar of East London College (University of London). In 1914-20 served in France. In 1921-23 Principal of Thornsey Training College. In 1926-32 Reader of Ethnography at Cambridge and 1932-37 William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology there. Wasted much of his energy to racial theories.

Publications: The Meitheis. L. 1908; The Nāga Tribes of Manipur. 212 p. L. 1911.

Thado Grammar. 1905.

Primitive Culture of India. 133 p. L. 1932; Languages, Customs and Religions of India. 19??; The Ethnography of the 1931 Census of India. 1937.

articles in E.R.E., Folk-Lore, etc.

Sources: Who Was Who 1951–1960; Wikipedia (concentrates on his racial ideas, no details on life).


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