HOFFMANN, Helmut. Flensburg 24.8.1912 — 8.10.1992. German Indologist and Tibetologist in the U.S.A. Professor in Munich and Bloomington. Studies of Indology, Iranian and Central Asian languages at Berlin, student of Lüders. Ph.D. 1938 Berlin. In 1941-45 Wissenschaftlicher Referent of SS-Ahnenerbe, but afterwards succesfully defeded claiming to have kept strict scholarly view and criticized the fantasies of others. Was not member of NSDAP. From 1946 PD of Indology and Tibetology at Hamburg. In 1948-68 Professor of Indology at München (as successor of Wüst). From 1949 member of Mainz AW and from 1954 of Bavarian AW. In 1968 dismissed from universoty accused of homosexual relation with an assistant and giving him undeserved position (how to formulate this?). From 1969 Professor in Department of Uralic and Altaic studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. A serious accident in 1973 severely affected his work. Retired in 1980?, later again living in Munich. Married, only one daughter, —> Ingeborg H.

Publications: diss. B. 1939 publ. Bruchstücke des Atānātikasūtra aus dem zentral­asiatischen Sanskritkanon der Buddhisten. 212 p. Kleinere Skr.-Texte 5. B. 1939.

habil. diss. publ. as Quellen zur Geschichte der tibetischen Bon-Religion. 1950.

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edited R. Shafer’s Introduction to Sino-Tibetan. 1974.

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a number of articles.

Sources: *H. Franke, Jahrbuch Ba. A.W. for 1992, 1993, 247-253; German Scholars on India 1973, 418; *M. Walter, bibliography, Bloomington 1982; www.trimondi.de/Lamaismus/NS-Tibet-7-Tibetologen.htm.


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