HOHENBERGER, Adam. Grubenberg, Oberfranken 4.7.1888 — 1966. German Indologist. Priest in Bavaria. Educated in Leipzig, in 1913-18 studies at Leipzig, of Protestant Theology, comparative religion, missiology and Indology (under Windisch). Ph.D. in December 1918 Leipzig. Worked in various positions in the church in Munich, Brand, and Schwabach, in 1938-56 a Dean in Kirchenbezirk Feuchtwangen. Retired in 1956. He had all the time kept his interest in Indology, although a war-disability made it impossible for him to visit tropics (and thus India). In retirement he was again able to concentrate on his studies, which mainly dealt with the Purāṇas and Vaiṣṇava religion.

Publications: Diss. Viṣṇu nach dem Matsya-Purāṇa. Ein Beitrag zur indischen Religionsgeschichte. Manuscript of 16+118 p. 1918, publ. in rev. form as Die indische Flutsage und das Matsyapurāṇa. 16+217 p. Lp. 1930.

– “Gottesoffenbarung im Hinduismus und Christentum”, Neue kirchliche Zeitschrift 48, 1937, 53-57; also wrote on Christianity.

Rāmanuja. Ein Philosoph indischer Gottesmystik. 175 p. Bonner Or. St. N.S. 10. Bonn 1960; transl. Rāmanujas Vedāntadīpa. Seine Kurzauslegung der Brahma­sūtren des Bādarāyaṇa. 285 p. Bonner Or. St. 14. Bonn 1964.

– “Das Vāmanapurāṇa”, IIJ 7, 1963, 1-57; “Metren der Kunstdichtung in den Purāṇen”, WZKS 9, 1965, 48-97; “Metres of Classical Poetry in the Purāṇas”, Purāṇam 11, 1969, 20-66.

Das Bhaviṣyapurāṇa. 15+143 p. Münch. Indol. St. 5. Wb. 1967.

Sources: H. Hoffmann, Einleitung to the Bhaviṣyapurāṇa 1967; briefly in IIJ 7:1, 1963, 80.

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