HOISINGTON, Henry Richard

HOISINGTON, Henry Richard. Vergennes, Vermont 23.8.1801 — Centerbrook, CT 6.5.1858. U.S. Missionary and Tamil Scholar in South Asia. Son of Job H. and Sarah Elizabeth Knabb. Studies at Williams College and Auburn Theological Seminary. Ordained priest 1831. In 1833 joined the Sri Lanka mission and was 1834 sent to Madurai. In 1835-36 instructor and 1836-41 principal of Batticotta Seminary in Jaffna Peninsula. In 1841-44 in U.S.A. because of health problems, then returned to Sri Lanka and served again as principal. Retired to home in 1849 and served as minister in Williamstown MA and Centerbrook CT. Married 1831 Nancy Lyman, four sons and three daughters.

Publications: “Syllabus of the Siva-Gnána-Pótham, one of the sacred books of the Hindus”, JAOS 2, 1851, 135-154; “Brief Notes on the Tamil Language”, JAOS 3, 1853, 387-397.

Translated several Śaivasiddhānta texts published in JAOS 4, 1854 as “Treatises on Hindu Philosophy”: “Tattuva-Kattalei“, 1-30, “Siva-Gnâna-Pôtham”, 31-102, “Siva-Pirakâsam”, 125-244 (Tattuvakaṭṭaḷai, Civañānapōtam, Civapirakācam).

Translated: The Oriental Astronomer: Being a Complete System of Hindu Astronomy. 177+145 p. Jaffna 1848.

Origin & Development of the Existing System of Religious Beliefs in India. 1852.

Sources: Wikipedia; ancestors.familysearch.org.

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