GRAZIOSI, Paolo. Florence 2.11.1907 — Florence 1988. Italian Anthropologist and Archaeologist. Son of painter Giuseppe Gr. Studied from 1925 at Florence, graduated 1930. From 1936 taught at Università di Firenze, then as Professore di paletnologia e di antropologia in 1944-77 (ord. 1954). In 1939-53 also taught at Pisa. Participated in excavations in Italy and Africa, in 1954.60 also in India and Pakistan. Member of Accademia dei Lincei 1979.

Publications: “The Wooden Statue of Dezalik, a Kalash Divinity, Chitral, Pakistan”, Man 61, 1961, 149-151.

– Prehistoric Research in North-Western Punjab: Anthropological Research in Chitral. 8+236 p. ill. Italian expeditions to Karakorum (K2) and Hindu Kush 5. Leiden 1964.

– Also wrote on African and Italian palethnological questions, especially on prehistoric art.

Sources: M. Lorenzon in C. Smith, Encyclopaedia of Global Archaeology. 2018; *bibliography by A. Vigliardi, Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche 49, 1998, 5-41; briefly; Italian Wikipedia.

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