ARDEN, Albert Henry

ARDEN, Albert Henry. Longcroft, Staffordshire 5.5.1841 — on sea 7.11.1897. British Priest and Missionary in South India, a Dravidian Scholar. Son of a clerk, Thomas A., educated at Kepton and Christ College, Cambridge (B.A. 1861, M.A. 1863), ordained 1864. Missionary in South India 1864–74, then 1874-78 in ecclesiastic offices in England. In 1878-80 C.M.S. Secretary for Madras, 1882-90 for Huntingfordshire, Bedfordshire and Hartfordshire, 1890-94 for Worcestershire, Herefordshire and South Wales. From 1882 to 1890 University Lecturer in Telugu and Tamil at Cambridge University. Back to India in 1895-97 at the Church Mission House in Madras. Died suddenly in the Red Sea.

Publications: Progressive Grammar of the Telugu Language. 340 p. Madras 1873, 4th ed. 475 p. Md. 1955; Progressive Grammar of the Tamil Language. 190 p. Md. 1891, 4th ed. 328 p. Md. 1934; A Companion Telugu Reader to Arden’s Progressive Telugu Grammar. 1-2. 130 p. Md. 1879, 3rd ed. 1924; Tamil Reader. Vol. 1. A Companion Reader to Arden’s Tamil Progressive Grammar. Vol. 2. The Panchatantra, with notes and translation. Madras 1893.

Sources: Kirk, A Supplement to Allibone’s critical dictionary of English Literature. 1891 — in Br. Biogr. Archives; Alumni Cantabr.


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