ARENDT, Carl. Berlin 1.12.1838 — Berlin 29./30.1.1902. German Sinologist, a Student of Bopp. Son of a schoolteacher, himself educated at Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin. Studies of linguistics at Berlin under Bopp and Steinthal, started early to write on IE questions. On Bopp’s advice he went to China in 1865, first as a Dolmetscherelev at German embassy in Peking. During a leave he married with Eveline Noah, 5 children. Returned from China in 1887 and taught from 1887 till 1902 Chinese at Orientalisches Seminar in Berlin (as a Lehrer).

Publications: “Phonetische bemerkungen 2. Haben wir im griechischen und zend von aspiraten oder aber von spiranten zu reden?”, Beiträge zur vergl. Sprachforschung 2, 1861, 424-453; word index to Bopp’s Vergl. Grammatik, 2nd edition, B. 1863; further works on Chinese (listed by Cordier).

Sources: H.C[ordier], TP 3, 1902, 37f.; Merklinghausen & Foy, Ostasiat. St. (Mitt. des Sem. f. Or. Spr. zu B.) 1902, 174-182; *GSAI 16, 1904, 329f.; German Wikipedia with photo.

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