HOUGHTON, Herbert Pierrepont

HOUGHTON, Herbert Pierrepont. Brooklyn NY 22.1.1880 — 1964. U.S. Classical Scholar interested in Sanskrit and Linguistics. Son of Joseph Goodhue H. and Sarah Pierrepont. B.A. 1901 and M.A. 1904 Amherst College. Ph.D. 1907 Johns Hopkins (diss. on Greek). In 1918-20 Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 1923-50 Professor of Classics at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, occasionally taught Sanskrit. Also a specialist of Basque. Married 1908 Kathleen Bagwell.

Publications: wrote on Vlassics, also on Basque, Georgian, Amhara and Coptic.

On presenting Sanskrit in a small college. 12 p. Northfield Minn. 1927; a couple of review of Sanskrit studies.

Sources: W.W. Briggs Jr, Biogr. Dict. on North American Classicists. Westport CT 1994, 290f.; Carleton College home page: History of Classics Department.


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