HOUSEHOLDER, Fred Walter (Jr.). Wichita Falls, Texas 1.2.1918 — Bloomington 4.1.1994. U.S. Linguist. Professor in Bloomington. Son of Fred W. H. Sr. and Myrtle Smith, grew up in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Studies at University of Vermont (A.B. 1932) and Columbia University (A.M. 1934, Ph.D. 1941). In Sanskrit student of L. H. Gray. In 1938-46 Lecturer at Columbia University. In 1946-48 Associate Professor at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. Then at Indiana Univer­sity in Blooming­ton: 1948-51 Assistant Professor, 1951-56 Associate Professor, 1956-65 Professor, in 1959-62 and 1974-80 Chair­man of Department of Linguistics (acting 1968-69), and from 1965 Research Professor of Classics and Linguistics, retired in 1983. Taught Greek and Sanskrit. Married 1935 Clarice Bagley, two children. Mainly interested in Greek.

N.B. this is according to Bender, the Directory names the Universities of Utah and Colorado instead of Vermont and Columbia. But it comes clear from Bender that he really worked in N.Y., not in Colorado. Wikipedia follows Bender.

Publications: Wrote on Latin, Greek (incl. modern Greek), Azeri, and English.

– “Accent, juncture, intonation, and my grandfather’s reader”, Word 13, 1957, 234-245; Linguistic Speculations. 14+352 p. L. & N.Y. 1971; “Kyriolexia and Language Change”, Language 59, 1983, 1-17; other writings on linguistics.

Sources: Dir.Am.Sch. 8th ed. 3, 1982; B.W. Bender, Language 73, 1997, 560-570; Wikipedia.

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