HOUTMAN, Cornelis de

HOUTMAN, Cornelis de. Gouda 2.4.1565 —off Acheh 1.9.1599. Dutch Traveller in India. Son of Pieter Cornelisz de H., a brewer, and Agnes Frederiksd., elder brother of —> Fr. de H. With his brother remained in 1592-93 as merchant in Lisbon, spying on Asian trade for an Amsterdam company. They were caught, but released against ransom and in 1595 sent by the Company to the East. The voyage was quarrelsome, and three ships out of four returned in 1597 without profit. A new attempt started in 1598 with Houtman as “generaal”, but on Sumatran coast he was murdered by Achehnese serving Portuguese interests.

Publications: Diarium nauticum Itineris Batavorum in Indiam Orientalem, annis 1595/1597. Amsterdam 1598 (original in Dutch: Verhael vande reyse der Hollandtsche schepen), English transl. L. 1598, French Amsterdam 1606.

Sources: N.N.B.W. 7, 627; B.U. 20; N.B.G. 25; B.W.N. 3; Wikipedia with portrait.

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