HOUTMAN, Frederick de

HOUTMAN, Frederick de. Gouda 1571 — Alkmaar 21.10.1627. Dutch Traveller. Brother of —> C. de H. and his companion in Lisbon and in Asian voyages. When the brother was killed he remained alive and was 26 months kept by the Achehnese as prisoner. Back in Holland he soon accepted a new command and sailed in December 1603 to the East. In 1605–11 he was Governor of Ambon and 1616-25 of the Moluccas, in the service of the Dutch E.I.C. Retired and settled in Alkmaar, but died soon.

Publications: Spraakende Woord-boek in de Maleische end Madagaskarsche worden. Amst. 1603.

Sources: N.N.B.W. 7, 627f.; N.B.G. 25; B.W.N. 3; Wikipedia with portrait.


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